Tove Chevalley | Who is Tove Chevalley
I help you deliver greater customer value, develop impactful experiences and become more engaging in a digital world.
customer experience, marketing, brand, consultant, speaker
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Who is Tove Chevalley

In a changing world where new digital capabilities are forever transforming the way we live, work, shop and socialize, brands need to rethink the way they do marketing, product development and customer service to stay relevant to consumers ever changing needs & behaviors.


“I am a marketing consultant helping brands find new and relevant ways
to connect with consumers in a digitalized world.”


My passion lies in finding ways to connect digital and physical brand experiences, supporting brands on how to go from digital marketing to marketing in a digital word. With a clear ambition to bridge the gap between strategy and execution I strive to realize a companies vision with value adding consumer experiences that builds a strong brand and a healthy business.