Tove Chevalley | Customer experience
I help you deliver greater customer value, develop impactful experiences and become more engaging in a digital world.
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Customer experience


Say hello to the Experience Age

It’s not really anything new. It has actually been around for a while now - the age where we as consumers look beyond aesthetic products or practical services and expect an experience where we can interact and is some cases even influence the brand we choose to engage with. We, the consumers, have long moved away from being content with brands presenting us with features and benefits and it is time that we as marketers do the same. Say goodbye...

marketing in a digital world

Why we need to move from digital marketing to marketing in a digital world

People (that would be us), both young and old, are today managing a great deal of their professional and personal life with the support of digital tools and devices. Think about it, you blend the offline world with the online, constantly changing you behavior according to your need at that specific moment. And you are now unconsciously starting to expect brands to change accordingly and tailor the experience just for you. Am I right? Whether you are ordering a taxi, booking...